Merging on the highway

When we take our students out on the highway, one of students biggest fears is merging on to a busy highway. We will cover some basic principles that we teach our students on merging;

  1. when entering acceleration lane,  look for signs for merge lanes
  2. gradually accelerate to the speed of highway
  3. identify a gap as soon as you are able(do not wait until the merge point to look for a gap as it will be too late!)
  4. once a gap is identified, signal to show your intention of taking the gap
  5. mirror,  shoulder check to make sure that gap is being given
  6. take gap and merge into highway lane(maintain speed)
  7. once in lane, check rear mirror to make sure that car behind is in safe distance

Early identification of the gap and showing your intention with speed control and signal will ease merging on to the highway. If you still have issues merging, please call us at (250)858-1368, we will be happy to help!