Fatigue is one of the leading causes of crashes

Driver's that are tired, fatigued and sleepy are more prone to a crash situation than driver's that are more rested and fresh. Fatigue affects all stages of the See, Think, Do strategy, it can cause inaccurate scans, slower thinking and reaction times.

Ways to stay awake and alert behind the wheel(especially on long journeys)

  1. Be well rested
  2. Take breaks. Get out of car , walk around and do some stretches
  3. Stop and eat, avoid heavy meals as it may make you feel sleepy
  4. Keep heat level in car moderate
  5. Keep window open for fresh air
  6. Talk or sing 
  7. Pull over to a rest stop or safe place and take a power nap(be sure to lock doors)
  8. Avoid driving too far at one time. On long trips, be especially careful on second day. Tiredness is more likely on the second day of a long trip.

Driving tip on highways- When driving for a long time on the highway, a phenomenon called highway hypnosis can occur where you become unaware of your surroundings. In some areas, rumble strips or rough patches are installed on the road to warn drivers if they start drifting into another lane. Ways to avoid highway hypnosis are; 

  1. Turn off cruise control
  2. Scan the road systematically
  3. Use strategies above to stay awake