Rush Hour Driving tips and suggestions

When we conduct lessons between 4-6pm, we notice a difference in driving. Drivers seem to be in more of a rush to get to where they are going. Consequently, the roads become more challenging to navigate. The following are suggestions that can help you with driving in rush hour;

  1. Stay calm, breathe, try to have good posture in your seat so you are ready to react 
  2. Make good scans and shoulder checks when passing through or turning in an intersection
  3. Remember that in rush hour, there are vehicles that will tend to not make full stops but rolling turns , and will beat the red light so scanning before proceeding from a stop position is key
  4. Be defensive, avoid a crash situation even though it is not your fault
  5. Stay calm, breathe
  6. There is a higher volume of cyclists and pedestrians, good scans and shoulder checks is a must when going through intersections and making turns. and when there are bike lanes and crosswalks.
  7. Try to maintain a safe following distance and try to not to box yourself in when driving beside traffic, always strive to have space around your car, think of a chessboard
  8. When approaching a stale green light, check your rear mirror to be aware of cars behind you. Cover your brake and approach at a safe speed. If you are not past the point of no return, it is much safer to slow down and stop when you are approaching at a safe speed
  9. There are vehicles that will change lanes abruptly will no signal, keep your eyes moving as so you see the big picture. 
  10. Communicate, always show your intention
  11. Stay calm, breathe

Please contact Victoria Driving School at or if you have any questions or for help navigating rush hour traffic.